Rider types

Easy Going
Style: I use my bike to discover the beauty all around, I often stop to take pictures and chat to my friends. I prefer flat routes, especially if food and tasting stops are included.
We face up hills with the right pace and always smiling.
This is ideal for families with children too.
Routes: from 25 to 50 km
Altimetry: from 0 to 300 m

Style: To me my bike goes a bit further than just fun. I use it to keep fit at least twice a week and it has become a very important part of my social life with friends.
We face mixed routes including flat parts and hills, we wait for each other to carry on together in our adventures.
We always take a coffe or a cappuccino stop, we visit places of interest and off course we laugh a lot!
Routes: from 50 to 80 km
Altimetry: from 300 to 700 m

Style: My bike is a passion and my sport. I train regularly and I am fit to ride for more than 4 hours.
Together with my friends we face many miles, mostly up hills, and in the silence of the landscapes we only hear our breathing and the chains turning noise.
On flat routes we enjoy the speed. This is where team work becomes fundamental to reach our goals.
Routes: from 80 to 100 km
Altimetry: from 700 to 1200 m

Style: Going up hills is a challenge to face with my head and my heart!
I challenge myself to set new limits everytime thanks to my adrenaline and my competitive nature.
Today’s goal will be my starting point tomorrow!
Routes: from 100 km and above
Altimetry: from 1000 m and above