Cortina is the most exclusive resort of the Dolomites and represents the best of Italian glamour. Tucked away in a small central area, surrounded by mountains, it has been the setting of many Hollywood films including The Pink Panther, 007, and Ash Wednesday. These mountains offer extraordinary opportunities for real adventures: hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, boating on the clear lakes, […]


In the heart of Tuscany, this combines the passion of gastronomy and the wonderful scenery. We are just a walk away from the Seneses hills bordering the charming Val d’Orcia that delights admirers in any season. A beautiful medieval village, all to be enjoyed and appreciated… walking through its narrow streets and letting yourself be carried away by the magic […]


Riccione Cycling in the street of Marco Pantani Riccione is a coastal city, considered the meeting point of some Italian VIPs. Its most famous street is Viale Ceccarini, known for its famous boutiques and for its stores with the best Italian and international brands. The city lies at the feet of the Conca Valley, a very beautiful historical region of […]


This delightful place is known as the “Cradle of the Malatestas”, the noble family who owned this large expanse during the medieval period. On these lands castles and fortresses were built, for the protection of feudal property and display of power. The town of Verucchio was of great historical importance, even before the arrival of the Malatestas, as recent archaeological […]